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How to Weave Songket

How to Weave Songket Nur Songket Songket Songket Terengganu

HIGH skill and creativity are needed by songket weaver. A songket cloth of 20 meters to 40 meter takes about six weeks to complete. An amazing thing about a skillful songket weaver is that he does not have to scratch songket on paper first before weaving work is done, but the idea of the woven pattern is an idea of high creativity and imagination that is high and unique. Woven cloth head ornaments are usually based on the weavers of the weaver itself, commonly used patterns known by names such as mangosteen, shoots, chicken and so on. The pattern of songket is often the pattern of full flower arrangement, flower arrangement and pattern arrangement.


How to create songket

  1. Dyeing Yarn – The white thread will be dyed with the desired dye, after which the yarn should be dried.
  2. Trimming Yarn – The process in which the small-made Pelant is used to twist yarns. This process is done with the help of darwin tools and rotor tools.
  3. Menganeng Yarn – Menganeng is the process of making a loose yarn in the weaver to determine the size of the songket length to be woven.
  4. Rolling Yarn – Rolled yarns will be rolled up with a slab.
  5. Plunging Yarn – Once the losing thread is inserted into the tooth or brush of the machine, the work of flogging is over. Two loose veins are linked through the gear gap.
  6. Running Yarns – Karak is made of strangled yarn, yarns and odd yarns will be lifted up alternately while weaving.
  7. Threading Yarns – Their process patterned on a loose yarn by using a tool called lido by tying up three or five pieces of loose threads and then tied as a button binding process.
  8. Weaving Yarn – The final process in which the piston is filled with feed yarn or gold thread, is put into an account and right in the loose threads according to the desired pattern to become a piece of songket cloth. The finished fabric is cut according to size.


How to Weave Songket  Nur Songket Songket Songket TerengganuHow to Weave Songket  Nur Songket Songket Songket Terengganu











Source: naeltrg.blogspot, Monday, 16 August 2010 

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