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“King’s day” clothes

"King's day" clothes"King's day" clothesFASHION designer Ezuwan Ismail has engaged the audience with perishing in the mermaid fashion and her wedding dress at the showcase of The Wedding KL 2018. She was wise to pick up songket’s work in a modern style but still embraced the cultural custom of giving soul to every design. She is excited to be the first to produce a wedding dress collection from songket. “There are many reasons why songket is selected for this new collection. One of the reasons is the popularity of traditional weaving in the production of wedding dresses. The demand for songket is very high and people are still wearing songket on the day of the match from now until now. Teteapi most of the designs are now more modern brackets and kebaya. According to Ezuwan, he was determined to bring a huge difference in songket design by introducing a princess gown with luxurious details on the arms, chest, waist, and legs.

He is also committed to bringing the concept of cultural mixing in Malaysia, including Malay, Indian, Chinese, western influences and the uniqueness of ethnic groups. Previously, he was famous for songket bridal designer but clothing is simple. But this time, he highlighted the beauty of true Malaysian culture in a more modern, contemporary style suitable for marriage. During The Wedding KL event, some say that the design is almost impossible because of the type of fabrics known to be thick, heavy and loaded with traditional culture.


Source: Harian Metro, Saturday,  27 January 2018


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