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Modern songket weaving

Modern songket weaving Nur Songket Songket Songket TerengganuSONGKET usage is often considered suitable for formal occasions but for fashion-wise, songket can be absorbed in daily styling whether clothing, interior decoration or vehicle accessories. The beauty of traditional songket lies in the complex weaving process that takes a long time. But with the sophistication of technology, the woven process is accelerated without affecting the quality of songket. Mohamad Pauzi Zahudin, the general manager of the modern songket company, said the making of a songket using electronic jacquard looms was able to control up to 7200 threads at a time. The development of the technology received the collaboration of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Prof Dr. Jamil Salleh who developed the machine in 2005. “The first product is the weaving of songket patterned songket for Handicraft staff in 2007 and in 2008 songket keris pattern for Kuala Lumpur City Hall in conjunction with Day Area 2008.


Modern songket weaving Nur Songket Songket Songket TerengganuUniquely with the use of this machine allows double face technology to be made (two different outer and inner surfaces) and able to hide the long thread (loop) that goes out inside the songket fabric into a neat and orderly. The use of yarns is divided into 2 spun polyester and metallic and gold and silver yarns. In addition, this machine is able to produce a maximum of 3000 meters of fabric and can shorten the time to weave. Not only that, the production of songket machines is expected to match the entry of songket from overseas which is increasingly sold in the market at low prices. According to Mohamad Pauzi, local and foreign songkets are easily distinguishable among them in terms of weaving motifs and the quality of songket itself. Local Songket uses motifs such as mangosteen and bamboo shoots while songket from abroad uses many animal motifs. In terms of quality, local songket is more durable either color or thread and does not feel itchy when used or used.


Source: Utusan Online, Tuesday,  20 November 2017


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assalammualaikum.. sudi tak kalau kami dr team student MSU nk invite En. Mohamad Pauzi Zahudin utk jadi panel dlm slot bengkel songket?

Maaf. Kat sini tiada yang bernama Mohamad Pauzi

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