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Motif of songket casual style

Motif of songket casual style Nur Songket Songket Songket Terengganu

SONGKET woven products are often preferred for formal occasions, wedding invitations, and great entertainment. Traditional Malay art touches make the user’s elegance stand out. Songket is still a lot of praise and is still a royal wedding dress, a wedding dress and a glamorous dress for a particular occasion. Proven fashion federation does not affect the songket in Malaysia. Not only that, she is also often one of the earliest singles every time international performances are included in the fashion city of fashion, Milan. Fashion curtain opener 2017, a classic songket style with a flowering pattern is a popular choice for local and international audiences to develop fashion talent.

Young shoe designer Shafinaz Wahid said the songket has its own advantages not to mention being matched with modern sophisticated style or fashion clothes. People often consider songket making for formal occasions. For that reason, she was determined to raise the design of songket shoes with a more casual style. She wants the traditional motives to continue to evolve as it transforms into a new phenomenon in the fashion of women’s daily fashion.


Motif of songket casual style Nur Songket Songket Songket Terengganu
Shoes in Milan

Shafinaz continued the work of songket motif with the vision of ‘merakyatkan’ traditional Malay woven art among local fashion fans. Choosing matching gold and silver tinted fabrics, each Shafinaz design is complete with a comfortable, stylish, modern, classic and sophisticated package. The glitter of the crossed fabric on the front of the shoe is specially specific to raising the serial wearer. “My focus is on the wedge, high heels and leprosy shoes, songket motifs comprised of full patterns, sashes, patterns, and modern weaving, all of which are shiny black, dark red and emerald green,” she said. In addition to the songket design, Shafinaz also bought shoes from batik canting in Milan.

“The collection of high-heeled batik canting is very elegant to be styled regardless of whether it is to officials, formal occasions, halls or casualties, not only to highlight the appearance of the wearer but to highlight the character of a person,” she said.


Source: Harian Metro, Saturday, 7 January 2018 

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