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Traditional songket challenge

Traditional songket challenge Nur Songket Songket Songket TerengganuTraditional songket challenge  Nur Songket Songket Songket Terengganu

SONGKET is a distinctive legacy and has its own value in Malay society. It is crafted with subtlety and artistic not to decline the deck of the day. With the wisdom of producing this unique songket it makes it beautiful. Although designs and colors may be the same, the quality is much different because hand-woven products, especially from Malaysia, are far more subtle than others.

However, now hand-woven songket is seen increasingly marginalized because songket brought from outside countries such as India, Pakistan and Indonesia is increasingly monopolizing the market. Synonymous with Malay civilization, it is feared to fade away from outside rivalry but there are defending parties in the sense that songket is a national treasure. However, where the songket direction goes down and the songket clones outside the country penetrate the Malaysian market.

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